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Time Trace: A drawn perception published in Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice

It is with great pleasure Brooke Leigh announces her first published article, ‘Time Trace: A Drawn Perception’ in Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice (vol. 1, issue 2) by Intellect Books (UK). The article focuses on the collaborative project, what remains and is to come by Katrina Brown & Rosanna Irvine, and looks to Henri Bergson’s theories on time, body and space.

A heart-felt thank you to Katrina & Rosanna for a very inspiring work which has developed Leigh’s research & thinking within the field of contemporary drawing and performance.

drawing, performance, sound, audio-recording, instruction, duration

If drawing is the trace of an action, and action is transitory, could drawing then exist as a perception of time in space? ‘Time Trace: a drawn perception’ investigates the tactility of the drawing discipline specifically within the context of performative practices. The article aims to discover the act of drawing as a way of marking time and the role of tactility in the experience of live action. By examining the collaborative project, what remains and is to come by Katrina Brown and Rosanna Irvine, the article explores how artists activate the auditory and visual senses to discover the transitory space of past, present and future. In relation to temporal experience, Henri Bergson’s phenomenology of ‘successive sensations’ is analysed alongside Amelia Jones’ interrogation of materiality concerned with the performative use of the artist’s body.

DOI: 10.1386/drtp.1.2.223_1…/view-Article,id=22099/

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