Drawn-Out: trace and catharsis

Drawn-Out: trace and catharsis explores the act of encountering intense states of the body as an experience of catharsis. By re-creating and enacting intense psychological, emotional and physical states in performance art, artists may elicit a sense of empathy in the viewer or audience. Drawing from Aristotle’s notion of catharsis and Amelia Jones’ theories of […]

In the Zero of Form

Installation view, In the Zero of Form, a solo exhibition by Hanna ten Doornkaat at One Paved Court Gallery, Richmond, England, UK, 2018.

In the Zero of Form investigates Hanna ten Doornkaat’s recent series of works in relation to Kasimir Malevich’s Black Square (1915). Devising his own version of abstraction, Malevich founded the manifesto of Suprematism insisting that ‘painters should abandon objects and subject matter if they wish to be pure painters.’[i] He sought to achieve this purity […]

Time trace: A drawn perception

Image which shows the first page of the research article titled, Time Trace: A drawn perception by Brooke Leigh. This article from the journal Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice, volume 1, issue 2, published by Intellect Books UK.

If drawing is the trace of an action, and action is transitory, could drawing then exist as a perception of time in space? ‘Time Trace: a drawn perception’ investigates the tactility of the drawing discipline specifically within the context of performative practices. The article aims to discover the act of drawing as a way of […]

Drawing Abroad

Miles Hall, Untitled, 2014, pastel on Canaletto paper, 50 x 35 cm

“A kinesthetic practice of traction – attraction, extraction, protraction – drawing is born from an outward gesture linking inner impulses and thoughts to the other through the touching of a surface with repeated graphic marks and lines.”1 The immediacy that drawing allows for mark making and repetition becomes an important aspect of the process of […]

A Short Conversation Between Hanna ten Doornkaat and Brooke Leigh

Brooke Carlson: When we first met at Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London, we had a lot to talk about! Our conversation sparked through our passion and exploration of drawing in our art practices. Could you explain what drawing means for you and the importance of it in your practice? Hanna ten Doornkaat: I am interested […]