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Cover of publication, Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice volume 7, issue 1, published by Intellect Books UK. This issue contains research article, Trace and catharsis: Embodied drawing by Brooke Leigh.

If drawing is the trace of an action, and action is transitory, could drawing then exist as a perception of time in space? ‘Time Trace: a drawn perception’ investigates the tactility of the drawing discipline specifically within the context of performative practices. The article aims to discover the act of drawing as a way of […]

Drawn-Out: trace and catharsis

Photograph of artist, Brooke Leigh performing, ‘Drawn-Out’ at MCA ARTBAR curated by Julie Rrap, August 2017 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. In this performance, the artist kneels on the floor with her arms outstretched and pushes a 3kg piece of sandstone back and forth in front of her head until she reaches physical exhaustion. ‘Drawn-Out' investigates the performative act of drawing to encounter intense states of the body as a cathartic experience. In this sense, the drawing process functions as a way to release severely internalised distress.

Drawn-Out: trace and catharsis explores the act of encountering intense states of the body as an experience of catharsis. By re-creating and enacting intense psychological, emotional and physical states in performance art, artists may elicit a sense of empathy in the viewer or audience. Drawing from Aristotle’s notion of catharsis and Amelia Jones’ theories of […]