Read Me

video with sound 3′ 55″

Read Me addresses the loss of self identity as a result of personal passivity. Referencing the Surrealist notion of automatic writing as a process of revelation and discovery, Read Me explores the movement between active and passive states of being, repetition to the point of illegibility and erasure, which through the act of imprinting appear to consume and subsume the artist’s body.



Video Link

If the video link requires a password please email Brooke Leigh to request access.


07 October 2016, Moving Word pt IV, curated by Isabel Verhulst, Art Cinema OFFoff, Gent, Belgium

06 February 2016, Is This Art? dLux Media Arts, Shoalhaven Reigonal Gallery, Sydney

11 November 2016, Is This Art? dLux Media Arts curated by Alex Sutcliffe, Artereal Gallery, Sydney

Special thanks to Nicholas Tsoutas, Jan Guy and Sydney College of the Arts