one hour durational performance mediated for the camera
video with sound 18′

‘Drawn-Out’ investigates the performative act of drawing to encounter intense states of the body as a cathartic experience. In this sense, the drawing process functions as a way to release severely internalised distress. 

‘Drawn-Out’ explores the act of encountering intense states of the body as an experience of catharsis. In this performance, the artist kneels on the ground and pushes a 3kg sandstone until her body reaches the point of exhaustion.

This performance responds to the cyclical and self-destructive aspect of anxiety. Repetition and duration become devices in order to work my body into a state of exhaustion and near-destruction. This work significantly extends on the artist’s explorations of audition to amplify the sensory experience of bodily exhaustion, and the possibility for the sound of mark making––by means of audio recording––to exist as a trace of drawing.

“The material traces produced by my performances affirm my existence––reasserting a sense of self––through the workings of my body at a particular functioning state and time.”

Video Credit

Simon Baré


25 August 2017, MCA ARTBAR curated by Julie Rrap, Museum of Contemporary Art (AU)

28 March – 25 May 2019, Dobell Drawing Prize #21, National Art School, Sydney (AU)