Photograph of artist, Brooke Leigh in motion during a drawing performance. Her arms are outspread and her body is moving against a large roll of paper pinned to a wall. She is using charcoal and her entire body to draw.



For the past decade, Brooke Leigh’s practice has focused on performative aspect of drawing as a cathartic experience. In this sense, catharsis is the release of internalised emotions, which then becomes the catalyst for understanding and acceptance.

Over the years, Leigh’s work has evolved from gestural charcoal drawings influenced by surrealism, abstraction and manifestations of the unconscious mind to focusing on the sensory experience of mark making through live performance, video, audio, photography, textile and installation.

Leigh has exhibited and performed in Australia, Belgium, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, and the UK.

Career highlights:

Supported by the Royston George Booker Scholarship for overseas research, Leigh was a visiting scholar at LUCA School of Arts in Ghent Belgium between 2015-16.

In 2018, Leigh was awarded with a Master of Fine Arts by the University of Sydney for her thesis and project, Drawn-Out: trace and catharsis.

Leigh’s live performance and audiovisual installation, Drawn-Out was exhibited at MCA ARTBAR curated by Julie Rrap (2017) Museum of Contemporary Art Australia; and New Contemporaries (2018) SCA Galleries, Sydney College of the Arts; and Dobell Drawing Prize #21 (2019) National Art School, Sydney.

In May 2019, Leigh curated States and Senses (Kudos Gallery, Sydney), a multidisciplinary exhibition explored intense emotional states that are often suppressed—such as grief, rage, loss, fear and vulnerability.

The exhibition featured new work by critically acclaimed U.S. artist, Janet Passehl alongside Sydney-based artists and academic scholars, Sylvia Griffin, Brooke Leigh, Markela Panegyres and Cecilia White.